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5 Responses to Reviews

  1. G.J. says:

    Incredible response time. you guys are the best. Any time I’ve had a plumbing issue these guys have had it fixed with incredible speed and accuracy. I wish there were more like you. Thanks.

  2. James says:

    My wife and I came acrosss Euro One Plumbing through a friends reccomendation and we were very glad. They answered the call immmediately and gave us a good estimate for our budget and agreed to do doing the work immediately.

    They were necer intrusive in our home nor were they tardy in getting the job done and cleaning up as if they weren’t there at all! There was never a time when our call wasn’t answered to swiftly if not immediately. We won’t hesitate to call again.

  3. Mike A. says:

    I gotta say that i was impressed with the work value and reasonable prices.
    I like Vasile, as he is a nice guy, funny, gentle, and is competent. Way to go, man!

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